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About Us

Six students sitting at a round table near the garden beds

The mission of Willow is to provide a well-rounded program so that students learn and perform at their highest level. Willow's focus is on the whole child so that not only are students’ academic needs met but their sense of well being is nurtured as well. Willow staff members build cooperative and interdependent relationships, promote positive self-esteem, model high standards and expectations, foster effective communication and collaboration and nurture student creativity and critical thinking. Students learn about character, persistence, positive mindsets, collaboration, autonomy, mindfulness, understanding and empathy. Willow students are encouraged to be innovative through technology, art, music, numeracy and literacy. Willow staff and parents work together as partners to create an environment for students that maintains high standards for academic performance and fosters social/emotional health.

We are proud of our school and our programs:

  • Literacy-rich Learning Environments
  • Differentiated Instruction
  • Visual Arts Program
  • Music Education
  • Technology Integration
  • Interactive Mathematical Practices
  • Physical Education