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Reading Counts
Reading Counts is a reading motivation and management program that helps teachers encourage and monitor the independent reading of their students.  Depending on the school, students in grades 2-5 use this computer-based program to take quizzes on books they have read.  It is similar to the Accelerated Reader program used at the middle schools.
General Information
Program Description
Great news -- 5, soon to be 6, of the schools, have upgraded to the Reading Counts Enterprise Edition.  This means each of these schools have over 43,000 quizzes!  Quizzes are available for a variety of fiction, picture books and non-fiction books; reading levels range from 1st grade through upper 7th grade.  Students have up to 3 attempts to pass a 10 question multiple choice quiz; students must get 7 out of 10 questions correct to pass.
Where can we find a list of quizzes?
With 43,000 quizzes available at 5-6 of the schools, we are no longer printing a list to keep in the library media center.  Students are encouraged to use the Quiz List Interactive web site.  See agenda item below, Web Link for Reading Counts quizzes to find out if a book has a quiz available.  The school libraries still have notebooks  of available quizzes from the old version of the program (1700-2500 quizzes).  The lists are arranged by author and title.  Older lists of quizzes are available at the local public libraries (in the children's section) and at the Barnes & Noble bookstores in Calabasas and Westlake Village.
What is a Lexile level?
The Lexile level of a text or other written material is a number assigned to any text in terms of word frequency, vocabulary difficulty and sentence length.  The Lexile level of any given text is determined by a software program called the "Lexile Analyzer".  Lexile scales typically range from 200 - 1700.

Web Link for Reading Counts Quiz Lists
Click on the link below for each school's list of Reading Counts quizzes.  When new quizzes are purchased, the list is updated and a custom list is created for new quizzes.  The list is searchable by author, title, subject, reading level and/or points, and custom lists.
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