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Mrs. Adelstein
Last updated: 03/14/2013
Mrs. Adelstein's Profile
878-5281 (Weds)
4th/5th Science
Last updated: 05/27/2016
Molly Albertson's Profile
2nd Grade
Hi! I am really looking forward to meeting all of you this year and being your child's teacher! This is my fifth year here, at Willow. This will be my 12th year with Las Virgenes Unified. I have also taught 1st and 2nd grade at Chaparral Elementary in Calabasas. I am married to my wonderful husband, Brian, and we have a 6 year old daughter, Janie, who is going into 1st grade at Willow! We also have our 7 year old Basset Hound, Albert, and 13 year old Portuguese Water Dog, Daisy, along with our fish and aquatic frog. When I'm not teaching, you will find my family and I at the beach or taking advantage of our local hiking trails when its not rattlesnake season! I look forward to a great school year with you and your child!
Mrs. Bauwens/Mrs. Johnson
Last updated: 05/27/2016
Mrs. Bauwens/Mrs. Johnson's Profile
889-0677 x.503
2nd Grade
Last updated: 05/24/2013
Ms. Bianchino's Profile
889-0677 x.326
Special Education
Brian Borg
Last updated: 05/24/2016
Brian Borg's Profile
5th Grade
Last updated: 09/17/2014
Melissa Carter's Profile
1st Grade
I am excited to be joining the Willow team this year. First grade is such an amazing year! I have been married to my wonderful husband Philip for just over a year now. I am looking forward to an excellent year.
Mrs. Church
Last updated: 10/05/2011
Mrs. Church's Profile
Mrs. Church's Blog
889-0677 x.5xx
4th Grade
Student Council
Last updated: 12/05/2012
Student Council's Profile
Student Council
Last updated: 05/03/2016
Mrs. Culbert's Profile
889-0677 x. 330
Computer Lab Specialist
Hi! My name is Becky Culbert and I've been the Computer Specialist at Willow since 2002. This is my 26th year working for LVUSD.
Mrs. Cummings
Last updated: 08/17/2010
Mrs. Cummings's Profile
889-0677 x321
Last updated: 02/12/2016
Ms. Doucedame's Profile
889-0677 x 509
4th Grade
For urgent messages, please call the office (889-0677 x0) and have them place a note on my cubby, or send a note with your child in the morning marked 'URGENT'.
Last updated: 01/17/2013
Samantha Eglit's Profile
Great Works of Art
Brittany Fenton
Last updated: 02/18/2016
Brittany Fenton's Profile
Mrs. Fersht and Mrs. DeBolt
Last updated: 05/27/2016
Mrs. Fersht and Mrs. DeBolt's Profile
889-0677 x.504
2nd Grade
Last updated: 06/05/2016
Mrs. Fogelson's Profile
I couldn't do my job without Starbucks...Venti Soy Latte with an extra shot- I like it the way I like it. Full of caffeine, but only a little sweet :)
Last updated: 09/11/2015
Mrs. Gerber's Profile
1st Grade
Hello! My name is Mrs. Gerber and I am so excited to be part of the first grade team at Willow!! We have an amazing staff and amazing students! When I'm not teaching, I'm at home spending time with my husband and our beautiful daughters, Remi and Briar.
Last updated: 05/23/2016
1st Grade's Profile
Grade Level Sites
2nd Grade
Last updated: 11/14/2011
2nd Grade's Profile
Grade Level Sites
3d Grade
Grade Level Sites
4th Grade
Last updated: 06/09/2016
4th Grade's Profile
Grade Level Sites
Last updated: 06/12/2014
Amanda Hurley's Profile
Special Education
Special Education Teacher & Case Manager. I'm passionate about educating children!
Mr. Janton
Last updated: 10/29/2015
Mr. Janton's Profile
Donna Kawakami
Last updated: 10/05/2015
Donna Kawakami's Profile
Last updated: 06/17/2015
Kindergarten's Profile
Grade Level Sites
Last updated: 06/09/2016
Ms. LaFrenz's Profile
889-0677 x.518
5th Grade
I am so excited to be your child's teacher this year. Feel free to email me anytime with questions, concerns, or thank yous!!!

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